How To: Quick Creation

Create your first Character!

Choose someone or something you want to talk to... remember Characters can be anything. It could be a character from a book, a historical figure, a family pet, or even your desk plant! Think what this character would say if you talked to them...maybe the houseplant would be thirsty or the family dog might refer to itself in the 3rd person..
With a concept in mind, click on + Create in the nav bar, and then Create a Character.
You'll be presented with the Create a Character screen, which lets you define a Character in just 3 steps (with a fourth optional step).
You can see the result of filling out the Name, Greeting and Avatar in this opening message from Gamer Boy:
Avatar, Name and Greeting

Step 1: Name

The name is how you'll refer to the Character in chat and how other users will discover them.
If your character is a famous person or well known thing, just the name may do a lot to define an interesting character. On the other hand, if the name is something general like "Mary" your greeting will be critical in shaping the experience.

Step 2: Greeting

The greeting is just what it says, it's the first thing the Character will say when you start a new conversation with them.
But especially for this quick creation, the greeting plays a critical part of defining who the character is or what the scenario will be.
A great example of this is Text Adventure Game, which only uses the name and a longer greeting to completely jumpstart an open-ended text adventure. This also serves to explain to the user what they should talk about.

Step 3: Character Visibility

The Character Visibility defines who will be able to talk to your Character. If set to Public, your Character will be visible on Home and in search results. If it's Unlisted, others won't see it unless you share the link, while if you set it to Private no one else will be able to talk with the Character.

Step 4: Avatar (optional)

The avatar is the image that will appear next to the Character. You can select an image to upload, with a square aspect ratio. It will be cropped into a circle in some contexts and left as a square in others (on Home for example).

Next Steps!

That's it! Press Create It and you can start talking to your Character.
After talking a bit, you can open the Character settings and examine the complete Character attributes, changing what you entered or adding new information.
You can edit more details about your Character at any time. In the future, when creating new characters, you can also immediately do more detailed editing of a Character's attributes directly by clicking Edit (Advanced).