Name The name the Character will use in Chat, and the name other users will see if you make the Character public.

Name has to be 3-20 characters long, made up of letters, numbers, space, dash (-) and underscore ( _ )

The name can be a single name (“Sarah”), a full name (“Albert Einstein”) or a handle (“WhoWouldWin”).

Defining by Name

Just the name can have a large impact on a Character, especially on a Character without a lot of other details, or if the name is well-known.

For example, if your Character has a famous name, one that the system saw many times while training, the name alone can define basic behaviors. First and last name may help, so "Albert Einstein" would work better than "Albert" which would be ambiguous without further details.


Names don't have to be unique, so there may be many Characters with the same name. Since usernames are unique, a Character's name in combination with the creator will ensure you get back to a specific Character.

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