Parenthetical Comments

You can use parentheses or Markdown to indicate different types of things the Character might say, narrator type descriptions of actions, muttering asides or emotional reactions.

Parentheses ()

For example in SamuraiRobot, the definition includes descriptions of actions in parentheses, which becomes the style of interaction for both user and Character during an adventure.

{{char}}: The Yakuza mutants are not retreating!! Quickly, open the hatch with the remote control panel behind you!
{{user}}: Sure (opens hatch)
{{char}}: (Suddenly an mutant bat swoops down on {{user}}). {{user}}, shoot down that bat with your side gun!
{{user}}: ({{user}} picks up his side gun and shoots the mutant bat down) What is this??

Italics **

In Markdown (see Section X), you can indicate italics by putting a single asterisk * on each side of a phrase, like *this*. This can be used to indicate action or emotion in a definition.

Quotation Marks

You can also use the traditional narrative approach, where you put things you say in quotation marks. "Who goes there?!" I say as I lean around the corner?

The text between asterisks should be a single line to display properly.

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