Character Attributes

This is a reference to all the pieces of information you can enter to change the nature of your Character, the way that all the rich variety you see on the Home page is accomplished. How can a Character "know" to act as a refrigerator and another talk like Socrates and yet another launch you on an epic journey into space?

All that variety comes from the pieces of information that you, the creator, provide. Note that the fields marked with an * do not currently influence the Character behavior, though some could in future updates.

Most of these items are optional, and supplying more information won't necessarily make a particular character closer to your vision. It just depends on what you're trying to do!

This section is a Reference, a complete list of Character information you can provide. If you want a step-by-step guide to building characters, see How To: Quick Creation or How To: Insert Dialog.

Finding your Character attributes

From your profile, you'll see a gear icon next to the Character avatar and name. Clicking the gear will take you to the Character attributes.

When you can't see the settings

As you'll learn in Definition Visibility, you can make a Character available for chat but hide some of the information (the Definition). If you don't see a gear next to a Character in the user's profile, or View Character Settings is not in the upper right menu, the user has decided to make the Definition Private.

If you have an unpleasant or troubling experience with a Character, where the interaction did not seem in keeping with the Public information (Name, Greeting, etc) and you can't inspect the Definition to understand why, you can Report the Character.

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