💡How To: Insert Dialog

The simplest way to create these dialogs is to simply have conversations with your Character.

As an example, let's add chats to a Character we're trying to refine.

Let's try to build a character that yells some of the time by starting to type in all caps. Here's a start, with name and greeting:

Insert a chat

From the Edit Character page, there is a button to "Insert a chat" into the Definition.

Right now, the Definition is empty. Press the Insert a chat with Yelling Guy button, and a chat will start.

After the greeting, you simply have a chat with the Character. Remember you can swipe these responses to see alternatives. Choose the closest one. You can also restart the conversation if it isn't going well.

Don't worry about getting the perfect dialog in these examples. You'll see in the next steps how you can edit the responses to be exactly as you want them.

Store the chat

Once we have a few exchanges, we press Next to return to the Edit screen. There, you will see the Definition has been updated with the text of your chat, but with a few differences.

Be sure to press Save when you return from the chat, once you've completed any edits to the text.

You'll notice that it replaced "Yelling Guy" with {{char}} and the user "Greg" with {{random user 1}}. We'll talk more about why this happens in Section X.

Edit the chat

Let's say we didn't actually want the Character to always YELL, just sometimes. But in the chat it never gave that as one of the swiped options. So let's edit the text here to be more like how we want the Character to sound.

Test and add another chat!

At this point, we can Insert a chat again to see how it's working now.

Much better! When we press Next again, this new example chat will be appended to our prior Definition, giving further evidence about how Yelling Guy should interact with users.

Final Notes

You can have one long chat or many smaller chats, and can edit the details as much as you want (though see details in following sections about the proper format for names and messages).

You can only have 3200 characters in your Definition. When you get close to this limit, it will stop offering the option to insert another chat. You can delete text from the Definition to have the option again.

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