Character Visibility

Character Visibility Who can chat with this character?
This setting controls who will be able to chat with your Character. You may want to set this to Unlisted or Private while you are developing the Character, then switch it to Public when you're done.
Chippy's Character Visibility

Visibility Options

  • Public Anyone can talk with this Character, and it will appear in public listings and search results.
  • Unlisted Only people that know the link can talk to the Character, and it will not appear in public listings or in search results. The link to share is the one that shows up in your browser when you click on a Character:
Note that if you post an Unlisted link publicly, anyone that sees it will be able to access and chat with your Character.
  • Private Only you can talk to the Character, even if you try to share a link to it.
Not that the Character Visibility only restricts who can chat with the Character. If the Character is Public or Unlisted, the Definition Visibility controls whether the Definition field can be seen.