Welcome to Character Book!

A Guide to Character.AI

Character.AI is bringing to life the science-fiction dream of open-ended conversations and collaborations with computers. This guide is for all those that want to join us in that mission by building their own Characters, bringing their own dreams to life.

All the Characters you see on the Home page were made using our creation tools. If you're ready to join the world of creators and Characters, this guide is for you!


We support two different creator experiences. Our Quick mode allows creators to able to create interesting Characters in less than a minute. Our Advanced mode allows adventurous creators to perfect their Character by using more powerful tools.

There is also a reference section that outlines all the Character Attributes you can change.

We encourage new users to create a Quick Character first and talk to a variety of different Characters before beginning to play with Advanced techniques like custom Definitions and Image Generation. It will give you a better sense of the range of possibilities!

The Characters that are designed to produce images as well as text are indicated by a 🎨 before the name.

What Defines a Character

There are four things that influence how a Character responds in a particular situation:

  1. The Character Attributes (what much of this guide will explain)

  2. The Character Training from conversations (e.g. star ratings)

  3. The Personas set by a user containing descriptive details and preferences

  4. The context of the current conversation

It's important to keep all four of these in mind.

For example, you may carefully craft a Character to play a particular word game, but if the user decides to start talking about something completely different, it may try to be cooperative and follow their lead.

Additionally, user feedback will happen over time, and will slowly influence Character responses.

Think of this reference as describing a set of tools you can use to tinker and experiment rather than a strict guide. We are all exploring this space together, and best practices will change over time!

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