Definition A large, free-form field that can contain structured example dialogs or any text content

Definition can be 0-32000 characters.

For advanced Character creation, the Definition gives you the largest way to experiment, but is the most complicated to understand, which is why there is an entire Advanced Definition section devoted to it!

The definition can contain any text, however the most common use is to include example dialog with the character. Each message in this dialog should be formatted as a name followed by a colon (:) followed by the message.


There are a few reserved words or variables that you can use in your definition. They will be recognized and replaced anywhere in your text. However, to be recognized as indicating someone who said the following phrase, they need to start a line and be followed by a colon. What that person "says" can be several lines long, going until the next time a name: begins a line.

{{char}} to refer to your character name,

{{user}} to refer to the user (whoever is talking to it now)

{{random_user_1}} {{random_user_2}} ... these can refer to a randomly generated user name that is not the user. Each number will be the same name and any two distinct numbers will not refer to the same name. Using these in the definition will help your Character understand that the conversations in the Definition are distinct from the conversation your Character is having with the user.


While you can list links to other websites in the text, the system will not follow those links or attempt to load external data. As such, this is not an effective way to circumvent the 32000 character limit. Some links, such as a link to a Wikipedia article, might have some noticeable effect, as the link text itself might hint at the information contained on that page.

If you have a long Definition, put the most important parts of your Definition at the beginning. As your conversation increases in length, the end of your Definition may be truncated.

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