Remixing and Definition Visibility


Character Remixing Can others remix your Character or view the details of the Definition?

In addition to controlling who will have the ability to discover and chat with your Character through Character Visibility, you can also control whether others will be allowed to view the details of the Character Definition or Remix the character.

Remixing will use one Character's attributes as a starting template for a new Character. You can always Remix your own Characters, but you can also Remix other users' Characters when they allow it.

There are three settings for Character Remixing, which allow you to control both the ability for others to Remix as well as the visibility of the Definition. The Viewable state will block remixing, but still allow users to view all the details. Only Public and Unlisted Characters can be Viewable or Remixable.

Remix Count

Deciding on Remixable vs Private Definition

Many people will allow others to inspect and learn from how their Character was made. However, you may want to set this to Private Definition if you don't want to reveal some secret technique, or if there is information in the definition that might spoil an experience or game if it can be inspected.

The Private Definition setting only hides the longer Definition field. All other characteristics of your Character (name, greeting, short and long description, categories, image settings, etc) will all be visible if they can chat with the Character at all (Character Visibility is Unlisted or Public).

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